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DuroMax XP10000E 10,000 Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator Review – High Power, Low Price

Posted on May 10, 2018 in Uncategorized

If you’re looking for high power and excellent value generator the DuroMax XP10000E is the best you can have. This generator is capable of delivering 10,000 watts of surge power. It has an extended running time of 10 hours with half load capacity which is excellent for work, emergency backup and overnight activities.

Powerful Engine

This gas-powered generator features a 16 horse power air-cooled OHV engine that delivers an output of 10KW peak. You have two options to run the engine, the standard recoil pull for traditional start and a single push for easy electric start. Having this kind of power makes it ideal in any job site for drills, saws and other tools or equipment that requires tremendous power.

More Safety Features

This portable generator is packed with safety features that ensures your protection; and from damaging any of your appliances. It includes the 33-Amp circuit breaker that will automatically shut-off whenever an overload occurs. In addition to that is DC protector and various AC protector circuits.

An automatic voltage regulator (AVR) system is included with low oil protection circuit that will automatically shut off the generator to prevent it from damaging when runs out of oil.

More Voltage Option

A voltmeter is included here so that you can continuously check the ideal output voltage. There’s an exclusive DuroMax voltage selector RV switch that makes it possible for you to choose between 120v only or both 120v and 240v output simultaneously for maximum utilization. A battery recharging indicator light and an oil alert lamp is present whenever there’s an insufficient oil supply.

Built Tough For Your Convenience

The XP10000E is built tough with heavy-duty steel frame roll cage with four point fully isolated motor mounts that gives you smooth operation. A pair of 10.5-inch all terrain wheel with worry free flat tire that makes it easy to transport and mobility on soft ground or rough surface. There’s a flip-up handle for easy maneuverability.

Longer Power Usage

An 8.3 gallon tank fuel can last up to 10-hours providing a 50 percent load of continuous power usage. With this kind of power it is surprisingly quiet; the noise level is the same as vacuum cleaner. That being said, this is ideal for camping, special events and at home that nobody wants to disturb at night.

EPA Approved

This generator is approved by EPA and it’s safe to use in any U.S. National Park due to its quiet operation. However, consumers should be aware the fact that it is not a CARB-compliant, this unit is not appropriate to use in California. The generator is backed up with one-year warranty that gives you peace of mind when you purchase it.


The DuroMax XP10000E delivers the best power for your needs, as portable as it gets that suits almost everything from home to out-of-town activities when an immediate power is required. At less than $1,000 it provides 10KW of power which is definitely an excellent value. With so much goodness in it, there’s no other reason why they hit the spotlight from being a top seller.

NutriSystem Diet – Very Convenient For Dieters Who Don’t Want to Count and Think About Portion Size

Posted on May 2, 2018 in Uncategorized

The NutriSystem Diet is a healthy diet that was envisioned in 1972. This diet plan does all the dirty work for the dieter. It has a program that plans, prepares, buys, cooks and proportions the meals that a dieter has to eat. The only thing needed for the dieter to do is to select easily and comfortably among a list of over one hundred twenty meals, foods and desserts that are available. Once the dieter has selected the food he desires, the food will be delivered at his doorstep. These meals are packed in microwavable bags. All the dieter has to do is place them inside his microwave.

Because of the frequent modifications in the way of life and eating preferences of man, this diet plan has been altered to fit with the needs of man. Therefore, in the year 2008, an advanced NutriSystem diet plan was brought in the market. It concentrated on the following:

Fifty-five percent of carbohydrates

oMeals that contained only 1,800 milligrams of sodium
oAbundant servings of whole grains
oSix servings of fruits and vegetables (six servings)
oFoods that are high in fiber
oTwenty-five percent of foods that are rich in protein
oTwenty percent of fat
oSoluble fiber and omega-3 fatty acids added on meals

The Advance plan does not recommend the intake of white bread, alcohol and processed foods. It recognizes the different dietary need of the two sexes so it designed the different amount of calories that men and women can take in a day. The plan recommends that 1,500 calories be allowed to take by men and 1,200 calories for women. It also requires the dieter to participate in physical activities. Aside from the food plan that it offers, there is also a fitness plan, which includes basic workouts and yoga.