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Easy Fat Loss Diets – Why You Should Stop Looking For Them

Posted on July 4, 2018 in Uncategorized

If there is an easier way to do things, then go for it…there’s no reason for you to go for the harder and longer way, right?

Well, that’s the mental approach that almost everybody who wants to lose weight has. Why sweat a lot in the gym or fitness center and wait for months to get a slimmer figure when you can just pick one of the easy fat loss diets around and get the same results in a week’s time?

No wonder easy fat loss diets like Atkins, Southbeach, Cabbage Soup, and Farmer’s Diet are selling like ice-cold lemonade in a sizzling summer day. The promises of losing loads of unwanted pounds in a VERY short span of time – like a week or so, without breaking a sweat is simply too tempting to resist.

BUT is it really worth going for these easy fat loss diets?

Let’s have a look at what these meal plans have in general…

Easy Fat Loss Diets Characteristic 1
Almost all of them hate carbs and fats.

Their motto? Carbs and fats make you gain weight, and you should stay away from any food that has high fat and carb content.

BUT get this — without fat and carbs, you don’t have anything to burn and convert to energy…which means you can’t work efficiently and do the things you have to do. And by the way, not all carbs are to be hated. There are simple carbs (those from junk foods) and complex carbs (which you can find from veggies and fruits).

The simple carbs are the type you should stay away from, they take long to digest and convert to energy…and they’re left to accumulate as fat and make you gain weight. On the other hand, complex carbs are easily digested and excess amounts of it are repelled easily by the body.

In simpler words, this mantra of easy fat loss diets are NOT true and UNHEALTHY!

Easy Fat Loss Diets Characteristic 2
Most diet plans out there focus on one dish or food only.

They advocate their so-called super-food for you to eat – like cabbage, watermelon, hard-boiled egg, etc. And to add to that, according to the proponents of these diet plans, you are to eat nothing BUT the food they promote for weight loss if you are to see immediate and pleasing weight loss results.

Now what would happen if you are to do that?

First off, there’s no such thing as super-food. Every dish or meal has its unique attributes and contribute something positive for your growth and development. Taking ONLY one dish or food….like cabbage or hard-boiled egg ALONE, will leave your body underdeveloped and lacking greatly with the nutrition it needs to function well.

The verdict?


I could go on and on about how the speedy results you’ll get from these fad and easy weight loss diets are NOT worth it.

BUT there’s something I want you to think about — getting that figure and weight (which you hate) took you years…so to speak, you worked hard to be overweight. It took hours of watching TV while sipping on ice-cold soda and munching on tacos. It took loads of burgers and sugar-filled desserts before you got overweight.

And your figure is a natural result of your actions.

To get things back to what you want it to be — get a slimmer figure and lose those unwanted pounds…in a HEALTHY way, exercising and eating the right type of foods is the only way to go. For additional information on how you can lose fat without sacrificing your safety, visit our website where we review a hot product called Strip That Fat Online Weight Loss Program.

It’s about time you settle for the REAL THING and forget about those easy weight loss diets.