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How Disciplined Do You Need to Be on the Nutrisystem Diet?

Posted on February 24, 2018 in Uncategorized

I recently saw a post on a weight loss forum which was asking questions about how difficult the Nutrisystem diet is, how much discipline and will power it requires, and how much you are able to cheat on it before you stop seeing results. I believe that at the core of all of these questions is the author wondering just how hard this diet really is. Most of us realize that our behavior in the past has shown that we don’t have the willpower and the discipline that we had hoped for. So, most of us hope for a diet that is not going to require all that much of these things. There are some things that make Nutrisystem a bit more user friendly than other diets that I’ve tried. I will discuss this (as well as the amount of discipline that you may or may not need) in the following article.

In General, Nutrisystem Limits The Amount Of Choices That You Have To Make And The Amount Of Work That You Have To Do: One positive that I see with this diet is that they’ve taken a lot of the responsibility off of you in terms of cooking, shopping, and decision making. Yes, you’ll need to sign up for membership (which is free) and chose your foods (which can be done in about 5 – 10 minutes online.) But, once you’ve done this, the larger decisions have already been made.

The foods only require a minimum amount of effort to assemble. Now, you will have to make some small choices in terms of adding in fresh fruit, grains, veggies or dairy with each meal. But, this is not a huge undertaking. We’re talking about adding strawberries on the diet cereal or adding a salad to the Nutrisystem pizza for dinner. But, you’re provided with three meals plus a snack and dessert every day and you’re supposed to eat five times. So, as the result, you’ll hopefully be less tempted to go off on your own. I found that my laziness would often take over. If the choice was having to shop or cook for myself or to just heat up the diet’s ravioli, tacos, or other meals from the company, most times, I’m just going to opt for the easiest way.

The Way That You Lose Weight On Nutrisystem (And How This Can Get Derailed): Now, let’s discuss the ways that this is set up for you to lose weight and what’s going to be required from you to make that happen. First off, you’re taking in less calories, less carbs, and less sugars. In general, you’ll be taking in around 1200 calories (for women) and up to1500 calories (for men.) You’re pretty much limited to under 20 grams of sugar.

This alone is going to change up the metabolic process for most people. Studies show us that although few of us realize it, most of us (even women) consume over 1800 calories per day and much more sugar than 20 grams. Over the course of a week, you’re liking saving around 4200 calories or more. Because the foods also limit your carbs and sugars and bump up your protein, it’s also very likely that your body will get into ketosis where it is burning fat.

So, what is it going to take to stop this process? Well, if you cross the line and consume too many carbs (by not making good choices for your sides or by cheating) then it’s possible to not be able to get into ketosis or to get bumped out of it. However, I’ve found that if you just use some common sense, this isn’t a problem. Obviously, you don’t want to add in french fries for your sides. They do give you some really nice desserts (candy bars, chocolate cake, strawberry shortcake) to work with, so I’ve found that it’s less tempting to go for sweets as your sides as it might other wise be.

Now, Nutrisystem does have a part time plan called “flex” where you get to take two days per week off. Some people misunderstand this plan. They think that you can eat whatever you want on those two days. Unfortunately, this is not the way that it works. You don’t have to eat Nutrisystem foods on your days off. You will provide your own food, but they give you guidelines to follow. You aren’t given free reign to just eat fast foods and bakery treats. If you do this, then you’re potentially going to take your calorie and carb intake right back up to normal levels. This is just common sense. But, so long as you chose healthy, sensible foods on your day off, you should be just fine.

I hope this article has shown you that Nutrisystem has really done all that it can to limit the amount of work or room for error. They also provide a lot of foods that you wouldn’t get on other diets (pizza, chips, cereal, cake, etc.) They’ve pretty much done everything other than eating the foods for you. This is going to be up to you.