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The Skinny on the Nutrisystem Diet

Posted on August 1, 2018 in Uncategorized

Nutrisystem is a diet plan that concentrates on nutrition and portion control to help subscribers loose, control, or maintain their weight. Highly publicized through television commercials, the Internet, and even celebrity endorsement, this particular weight management plan has garnered a lot of attention for itself. Every diet plan has it’s fair share of success stories and critics making it vital for the consumer to educate themselves in order to make a well informed decision about their health and diet.

The plan, as described on the Nutrisystem website, is easy to understand. Subscribers choose from five different diets each specifically tailored to particular needs and tastes that provide 28 days worth of easy to prepare and pre-portioned meals. The Basic plan is the most popular choice and best suited for those without specific dietary needs or restrictions. It focuses on “good” carbs, lean protein, and fiber to help curb cravings and keep you feeling full longer. The Silver option is tailored for those aged 65 or better, providing lower sodium, controlled cholesterol, and diminished saturated fats to promote a healthy heart. Diabetics are encouraged to opt for the Diabetic plan, which offers low-glycemic, portioned meals to help control blood sugar. Finally, there is also a vegetarian meal option with 90 different vegetarian food choices. After deciding on a plan, customers choose between having their meals delivered to them automatically month by month with recurring payments or to place a one-time 28-day order.

The focus on Nutrisystem is ease and convenience by taking out a lot of what makes dieting so difficult for many like counting calories, portion control, and the lack of free time to cook at home. The food is delivered right to your front door eliminating the need to even stop by the market. By following the plan, subscribers learn what foods are good for them and those to avoid as well as how much food should comprise a healthy meal. Through the online community, along with a meal plan, customers also have access to tools such as charts to track weight loss and progress, a recipe center, food diary, boards, blogs and chatrooms, as well as a plethora of articles about health, weight loss, and fitness. Nutrisystem also offers free counseling through their website if you have questions or need a little advice or encouragement.

With a price tag between $300 – $400, the cost of Nutrisystem breaks down to about eleven to fifteen dollars a day.

One of the downfalls of the Nutrisystem diet is that subscribers are, in many cases, consuming high-processed foods, which can contain a high level of sodium and other ingredients such as high-fructose corn syrup and chemical additives. Other complaints have been made about the size of meals. Some customers may find it difficult to adjust to a smaller, more carefully portioned plate. Another factor to consider is the freshness of food options. While pre-packaged frozen meals are often convenient they definitely can’t compare in freshness to a homemade meal put together with ingredients personally chosen.

In short, the Nutrisystem diet may be right for you if you do not enjoy planning and preparing meals, have difficulty controlling your portions, do not want to attend meetings, or are looking for a diet where you don’t have to watch and count carbs, calories, or points. However, if you don’t enjoy already prepared foods, are on a budget, need a low-sodium, low carbohydrate diet, or prefer attending groups or meetings you may want to look into different dieting options.