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The Truth About the Atkins Diet Exposed

Posted on April 18, 2018 in Uncategorized

The Atkins diet is arguably the most popular low carb diet around today. It’s emphasis is on cutting out carbs almost completely out of your diet which leads to weight loss. But this weight loss isn’t what you think it is.

The diet focuses on the point that almost all health problems occur from eating foods loaded with carbs. This tricks your body into creating more insulin to break down the carbs and causes more fat to be created in the process. This leads to long term health problems, obesity, hypertension, heart disease and other health risks.

On the flip side however, NOT consuming any carbs can be just as dangerous if not more so. What happens during the Atkins diet is the body goes into a state known as “Ketosis”.

Now there are 2 theories on ketosis. 1 is that it’s dangerous and when the body goes into this state, it starts eating muscle, not fat which causes weight loss. The 2nd theory is that it burns fat which causes weight loss. Which of these theories is true is something I honestly do not know.

However, upon reading many reviews, most people experience a lot of fatigue when doing the Atkins diet. In fact risks for health health also occur upon doing the Atkins the diet which is caused by a lack of sugar in the body or perhaps the fact that the ketosis state is eating away at muscles.

I’ve known people who have remained on the Atkins diet for months, quit because it was too difficult and gained back every single pound. There were others who had better results, but when you look at overall, you’ll see mixed results with this diet.