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Tips for Getting Started in the Nutrisystem Diet

Posted on September 20, 2018 in Uncategorized

I often hear from people who are interested in the Nutrisystem diet but are unsure of how to proceed. They aren’t sure how to begin or how to get started in the most easy, fast, and painless way. I know that it can feel as if there are a lot of things to consider when getting started on this diet, but it doesn’t have to be all that overwhelming. It’s very important that you don’t allow all of the decisions that you have to make to deter you from just beginning and doing the best that you can. There will be plenty of help along the way. In the following article, I’ll offer you some easy tips on getting started with the Nutrisystem diet.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed. Start By Answering A Few Basic Questions And Go From There: Sure, there are a lot of foods, plans, and choices to make on this diet. But they can often be addressed very quickly by answering a couple of questions.

First, you’ll want to ask yourself how much weight you want to lose. Answering this question will give you some idea as to how long you’ll want to be on the diet and which package might be appropriate. The ranges the company gives are 2 – 3 pounds per week, so if you have 8 or more pounds to lose, a package may be the way to go. Now, they have one, two, three, and four week packages. Nutrisystem also has a program called the “flex plan” which lets you take weekends off.

So depending on how much weight you have to lose and how often you want to eat the foods, there are several plans to choose from. There’s the basic women’s, the men’s program, the vegetarian program, the plan for older people (silver,) and the diabetic program. Unless you have a health concern or preference or you want to go part time, most people will look at the basic program.

So by now, hopefully you have your eye on which program may be right for you. Now, let’s look at choosing your foods.

The Next Step: Choosing The Nutrisystem Foods You’d Enjoy The Most: Many people don’t realize that you can chose your own foods if you want to. There’s basically two options (and they both usually cost the same.) You can go with the favorites package or you can go into the customize your menu option. The company’s packages include samples of the most popular foods and many people chose to start there since they are new to the program and have no idea which foods they are going to like.

But you can hand pick only the foods you want if that appeals to you more. Once you get into the customization menu, the page will walk you through how many breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and desserts that you need to choose to complete your package. One very cool thing that Nutrisystem has recently implemented is that they allow their users to review and rank every item on their menu. So when you’re choosing your foods, you can see how each item is rated to help you determine which items you might like the most.

The final point I want to make about the foods is that you’ll need to choose between the basic or the “select” foods. The real difference is that the basic plan includes only the ready to eat foods that are soft canned while the “select” line contains some frozen, gourmet entrees. The select line is usually a bit more expensive (although they sometimes put it one sale) but many feel that it’s worth it to have access to some of the gourmet foods.

Educate Yourself About How Nutrisystem Works And Take Advantage Of Every Resource They Offer: While you’re waiting for your order, educate yourself about how the program works and why you lose weight on it. Essentially, all of the Nutrisystem foods have been highly modified to be low in calories and carbs, while at the same time being high in protein and fiber. This encourages your body to shed both pounds and fat because your body burns fat rather than carbs.

Now, you are asked to add in fresh sides items with each of the prepackaged meals. You might add fruit, a vegetable, or a serving of dairy or whole grain, etc. It’s important that you know which foods are acceptable and recommended. You want to make sure that (especially at first) your side items aren’t high in those things you’re trying to cut down on. When people tell me they aren’t seeing the results that they want, I always suggest looking at their side items because you want to make sure that nothing stops that fat burning process.

Nutrisystem also offers free information, resources and counseling. You get detailed instructions, weight trackers, and daily emails, inspiration, and advice. But more than that, the company offers counseling absolutely free to any one who wants or needs it. This is a wonderful resource that I would suggest taking advantage of. Many people don’t realize it’s there or are reluctant to reach out.

Remember To Use Nutrisystem Coupons Or Take Advantage Of Specials: If you’re ordering any kind of package (even the flex plan,) you can take advantage of coupons are special offers. The company is very good about offering revolving specials and applicable coupon codes. There’s often some money off, free food, or a combination of both. Seeking these out and matching them with your package before placing your order can save you a significant amount of money.